You Come To Me – Poetry

You come to me gushing words tumble off tongue as blood from wounds. Tears cascade, rolling with the words sobbed out. You come to me for warmth. I take your sorrow and smother it in my bosom and let you melt into my heart. You come to me for tending as I wrap your wounds... Continue Reading →


Swing Low, Sweet Double Gs

Dear Avid Reader. I don't know if you've noticed this about me but Yes. Indeed. Perhaps it is the first thing you notice about me. Actually, in most cases (if not all,) I think it is. Yes, reader, I have been blessed with mounds of squishy fat that would make Shakira shriek "it's Everest" before... Continue Reading →

Turning Saints into the Sea

We live in a time where we are constantly comparing ourselves. Social media has made it easier to critique and criticise. We put all of our sparking lacy underwear is on display, and others who may have more rotted garments are imbued with shame. This imagined virtual world on Facebook and Twitter makes us see... Continue Reading →

Social Media Anxiety

Hands up, who's been personally victimised by social media? Social media is a tempestuous beast that has managed to wrangle us into her web of egotistical bullshit and my god I love. She is the Regina George of social activity: The more she hurts you or demeans you in anyway, the more you try to... Continue Reading →

I’ve Got The Blues…

A precarious mindset today. A gooey wound that when poked and prodded releases a wave of ache. Never quite heeled and the scar is irresistibly to pick at, stabbing at it in order to release that sense of life. Pain is life. A stark and brutal reminder that I am still feeling though my heart... Continue Reading →

Happiness = Death

As previously mentioned, for almost a year I've been in an identity crisis that has only recently resolved itself. I've crawled through the dirt and mud, bloody fingernails and all, to reconnect with the hyperactive overgrown obese child that I am. And, honey, it has felt so goooooooooood. Losing yourself or even feeling like you've... Continue Reading →

The Email Meltdown

It's about two o'clock on an lazy Tuesday afternoon and I'm on a comedown of a terrific, albeit alcoholic week. Travelling to the Emerald Isles for my birthday followed by a mini-pub crawl with work colleagues culminating in cocktails with my mother. It's been a blissful couple of days where work and emails were far... Continue Reading →

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